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Silver Bullet Times ICT PDF Guide

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The ICT Silver Bullet strategy focuses on timing and market shifts. It aims for quick gains by catching liquidity movements. This method targets specific pips within set hours. It simplifies trading by using well-defined targets and times. First, it identifies key liquidity points from recent trading activity. Then, it applies classic ICT zones for smart entries. The strategy operates around three main time frames. Each session has its unique approach. Success hinges on careful timing and market structure analysis. Traders follow a step-by-step process for entry and exit. The strategy’s effectiveness varies, aiming for a high success rate. It suits various markets, including Forex and indices.

ICT Silver Bullet Trading Strategy

The ICT Silver Bullet Trading Strategy offers traders a structured approach to navigate the forex and indices markets with precision. Below, we delve into its core concepts, pip targets, and liquidity targeting strategies.

Core Concept

The strategy’s foundation lies in leveraging Market Structure Shifts (MSS) and hunting for liquidity. It focuses on identifying significant changes in market behavior and capitalizing on them. The aim is to secure a profit ranging from 10 to 40 pips, depending on the traded asset.

Market Structure Shifts (MSS)

MSS involves observing the market for shifts in price direction or momentum. These shifts signal potential entry points for traders.

Liquidity Hunting

Liquidity hunting is about identifying areas where there is a concentration of buy or sell orders. Targeting these areas increases the chance of successful trades.

Pips Target

The strategy sets specific pip targets for different types of assets, ensuring traders have clear goals.


For indices trading, the minimum target is set at 10 points or 40 ticks. This provides a measurable objective for traders focusing on stock market indices.

FX Pairs

In the currency market, the strategy aims for at least 15 pips per trade. This target is designed to optimize returns while managing risk.

Types of Liquidity to Target

Focusing on specific liquidity points enhances the strategy’s effectiveness. These points are derived from historical price levels and are critical for setting entry points.

Previous Highs and Lows

The strategy emphasizes the importance of the previous day’s and trading session’s highs and lows. These levels often act as magnets for price, offering opportunities for entry.


Classic ICT Optimal Trade Entry (OTE) zones are key areas where traders can look to enter trades. These zones are based on specific price patterns and provide strategic entry points.

ICT 2022 Mentorship Model

The ICT 2022 Mentorship Model offers additional insights and strategies for identifying entry points. This model complements the overall strategy by providing a framework for understanding market movements.

The ICT Silver Bullet Trading Strategy presents a coherent framework for traders looking to exploit market structure shifts and liquidity. By setting specific pip targets and focusing on key liquidity points, traders can navigate the markets more effectively. With its emphasis on practical techniques and strategic entry points, this strategy offers a robust toolset for both novice and experienced traders aiming for consistent gains.

ICT Silver Bullet Time Windows

ICT Silver Bullet Time Windows: Detailed Insight

The ICT Silver Bullet trading strategy harnesses specific periods of the trading day to maximize potential gains. These periods are strategically chosen based on the rhythm of the global forex market, particularly focusing on the New York and London sessions, which are known for their volatility and trading volume. Here’s a closer look at each designated time frame:

London Open: 3 AM to 4 AM (New York Local Time)

  • Overview: This window captures the opening of the London forex market, a critical time when trading volume spikes due to the overlap with the Asian market’s closing hours.
  • Strategy Significance: The surge in volume can lead to significant market movements, providing opportunities to capture quick gains by targeting shifts in liquidity and market structure.
  • Action Plan: Traders are advised to be alert for any signs of market shifts, using the volatility to enter trades that align with the day’s emerging trends.

AM Session: 10 AM to 11 AM (New York Local Time)

  • Overview: This mid-morning window coincides with the latter part of the London session and the beginning of the New York session, a period known for another spike in trading activity as North American traders enter the market.
  • Strategy Significance: The overlap of the London and New York sessions can lead to pronounced price movements, offering fertile ground for the ICT Silver Bullet strategy to capitalize on liquidity hunting and market structure shifts.
  • Action Plan: Traders should focus on the initial reactions of the New York market, looking for liquidity pools and market structures that indicate profitable entry points.

PM Session: 2 PM to 3 PM (New York Local Time)

  • Overview: This early afternoon slot is positioned to capture the second wave of market movements in the New York session, after the European markets have closed.
  • Strategy Significance: With the London session out of the picture, the market might experience new dynamics as American traders adjust their positions based on the day’s events and news. This can lead to clear patterns emerging in market structure and liquidity.
  • Action Plan: Observing the market for shifts that occur after the European session can reveal unique trading opportunities. Traders should apply the Silver Bullet strategy to exploit these movements, focusing on achieving their pip targets.

Each time frame within the ICT Silver Bullet strategy is meticulously selected to align with periods of high market activity and volatility. By focusing on these specific windows, traders optimize their chances of identifying profitable trades that are in sync with significant market movements. The strategy emphasizes active monitoring and quick decision-making, leveraging the inherent dynamics of the forex market during these peak hours.

Trading Strategy Execution

Trading Strategy Execution: Morning and Evening Sessions

The ICT Silver Bullet Trading Strategy is finely tuned to exploit opportunities within distinct 1-hour windows. This approach is designed to navigate around liquidity pools, using Fair Value Gaps (FVG) as a primary tool, and relies on keen observation of market movements over short timeframes. Here’s how the strategy is executed during the morning and evening sessions.

Leveraging Fair Value Gaps (FVG)

  • Identify FVGs: The strategy starts by identifying Fair Value Gaps, which are areas where the price has moved sharply without much trading. These gaps often act as magnets for price movement, offering potential entry points.
  • Use FVGs for Entries: Traders use these gaps to anticipate where the market might head next, planning entries when the price returns to these gaps.

Trading Around Liquidity Pools

  • Spot Liquidity Pools: The next step involves spotting liquidity pools, which are typically located around previous highs and lows where stop orders might accumulate.
  • Target These Pools: By aiming for these liquidity pools, traders can find opportunities where the market is likely to move towards, filling the gaps and triggering movements beneficial for the strategy.

Observing Market Movements on Short Timeframes

  • Monitor Short Timeframes: The strategy emphasizes the importance of monitoring market movements on short timeframes (such as 1-minute to 15-minute charts) for refined entry and exit points.
  • Refine Entry and Exit Points: This close observation allows traders to fine-tune their entry and exit strategies, capturing the best moments to enter or exit the market based on rapid price movements and liquidity shifts.

Morning and Evening Sessions

  • Morning Session (3 AM to 4 AM, 10 AM to 11 AM): The morning sessions are critical, as they coincide with market openings and the influx of fresh trading volume. These periods are ripe for identifying FVGs and liquidity pools as the market establishes its direction for the day.
  • Evening Session (2 PM to 3 PM): The evening session offers a second wave of opportunities as the market reacts to the day’s events, providing another window to apply the strategy before the market settles.

Executing the ICT Silver Bullet Trading Strategy requires a disciplined approach to identifying and leveraging FVGs, combined with a strategic focus on liquidity pools. By closely observing market movements within specified 1-hour windows, traders can enhance their ability to make informed decisions, optimizing their entry and exit points. This methodical approach, applied during both morning and evening sessions, aligns with the dynamic nature of the Forex and indices markets, aiming for precision and efficiency in trading execution.

Success Rate

The ICT Silver Bullet Trading Strategy boasts an impressive success rate, targeting over 77%. This high success rate is achievable with the right market conditions and strict adherence to the strategy’s guidelines. Traders can expect setups to occur several times a week, offering multiple opportunities to capitalize on the strategy’s principles.


The ICT Silver Bullet Trading Strategy is a focused approach designed for the forex and indices markets. It aim to capitalize on market movements within specific time windows. It leverages Fair Value Gaps and liquidity pools to achieve a success rate of over 77%. This strategy emphasizes the importance of timing, precise entry and exit points, and a deep understanding of market dynamics. By adhering to its principles, traders can enhance their chances of success. So, it makes the ICT Silver Bullet a valuable tool for those looking to refine their trading techniques.

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