ICT Daily Bias PDF Guide

ICT Daily Bias

Introduction ICT Daily Bias is a concept developed to enhance trading strategies by focusing on daily market trends and liquidity patterns. It centers on the identification of key factors such as sell-side and buy-side liquidity, fair value gaps, order blocks, volume imbalances, and recent highs and lows. These elements collectively help traders understand where the … Read more

Liquidity Sweep PDF Guide

Liquidity Sweep

What is a Liquidity Sweep? A liquidity sweep is a strategic approach used by traders in the forex market to enhance the process of executing orders. This technique allows an order to be distributed across multiple liquidity providers, aiming to secure the most advantageous execution price available. The essence of a liquidity sweep is to … Read more

Fibonacci ICT PDF Guide

Fibonacci ICT

Introduction Let’s talk about something called Fibonacci ICT. It all starts with a simple set of numbers known as the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence was introduced by an Italian mathematician named Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Fibonacci. He wrote about these numbers in a book way back in 1202, using them to explain how … Read more

Silver Bullet Times ICT PDF Guide

Silver Bullet Times

The ICT Silver Bullet strategy focuses on timing and market shifts. It aims for quick gains by catching liquidity movements. This method targets specific pips within set hours. It simplifies trading by using well-defined targets and times. First, it identifies key liquidity points from recent trading activity. Then, it applies classic ICT zones for smart … Read more

Bearish order block PDF Guide

bearish order block

A bearish order block is a technical analysis concept used by traders to identify potential turning points in the market where price is likely to reverse from bullish to bearish, indicating a selling opportunity. It’s essentially a block of candles on a chart, typically found at the end of an uptrend, that represents a concentration … Read more

Bullish Order Block PDF GUIDE

Bullish Order Block

What Is a Bullish Order Block? A Bullish Order Block is a specific area on the price chart where significant buying activity occurred in the past, indicating strong interest from buyers. It often precedes upward price movements, making it a key area watched by traders. How Bullish Order Blocks Form The Role of Bullish Order … Read more

Power of 3 ICT PDF Guide

Power of 3 ICT

The ICT Power of Three (PO3) is not just a trading strategy; it’s a lens through which the market’s inner workings become clear. At its core, PO3 breaks down the complex forex market into three distinct phases: accumulation, manipulation, and distribution. This division helps traders to decode the actions of the market’s most influential players, … Read more

Judas Swing by ICT – PDF Guide

Judas Swing PDF Guide

Introduction The Judas Swing, as named and utilized by ICT, is a pivotal concept for traders operating around the London Open. This strategy is based on the market maker’s ability to drive the price above or below the Asian session’s high or low, influenced by the institutional order flow bias. The essence of the Judas … Read more

The Market Maker Sell Model PDF Guide

Market Maker Sell Model

Key Takeaways Aspect Market Maker Sell Model Market Maker Buy Model HTF Market Structure Confirm bearish trend Confirm bullish trend PD Array Identify for potential selling opportunities Identify for potential buying opportunities DOL & Liquidity Analyze for entry and exit points Analyze for entry and exit points Order Blocks & FVGS Use for sell confirmation … Read more

Smart Money Trading in ICT PDF Guide

Smart Money Trading

Introduction to Smart Money Concepts (SMC) Smart Money Concepts, or SMC for short, is a fresh way of looking at how we trade currencies in the Forex market. This idea gives a new twist to old trading methods. Instead of using well-known terms like supply and demand, or support and resistance, SMC brings in its … Read more

ICT Trading Sessions PDF Guide

ICT Trading Sessions

Introduction When it comes to trading money on the forex market, knowing when to trade is super important. Even though you can trade any time of the day, not every moment is a good chance to make money. This is where something called ICT Kill Zones helps out a lot. They are like the golden … Read more

ICT Trading Models PDF Guide

ICT Trading Models PDF Guide

The world of forex trading is both exciting and daunting, with its rapid movements and complex strategies. Among the myriad of approaches available to traders, ICT (Inner Circle Trader) trading models stand out for their depth, precision, and effectiveness. Developed by Michael J. Huddleston, these models offer a structured way to dissect market movements and … Read more